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"Positively Fifth Street": An Interesting Book by James McManus

Professional poker player James McManus went to Las Vegas, Nevada in May 2000 in order to write about the strange murder of poker player Ted Binion, in order to write a story about the increasing number of women participating in the World Series of Poker, and in order to participate in several satellite poker tournaments, trying his luck in being included as one of the poker players to reach the World Series of Poker final event. Well, James McManus may have succeeded in writing a story but it was a story that he was not expecting to have come up with.

James McManus work resulted to the poker book "Positively Fifth Street." It is actually considered as an expanded version of the story he wrote for the magazine "Harper's," which appeared in its December 2000 issue. The article that James McManus wrote for "Harper's" mentioned only a summary of his adventures as far as the poker circuit is concerned. He then decided to expand such article into book length in order to tell more poker adventures to readers, expecting to inspire a lot of poker fans. "Positively Fifth Street" features a lot of interesting stories which include stories about the women in World Series of Poker tournament and the death of Binion.

With regard to the strange death of Binion, James McManus tries to describe events that may have occurred prior to the death of Binion. He recounts the proceedings related to the trial for the Binion murder and he recounts his experience of talking to the Binion family. "Positively Fifth Street" also relates his experiences with regard to his trip to Las Vegas. The writing style of James McManus is superb, having the ability to be part of every phase of the book and having the ability to reach his readers efficiently.

"Positively Fifth Street" is a poker book that is very well written, making this poker book a great read. The ability of James McManus to express himself in an eloquent manner is what makes this poker book interesting to read. Because of this fact, poker fans do not only become interested in "Positively Fifth Street," but they also become interested in James McManus himself. As a matter of fact, the success of this poker book allows it to be compared to other poker books written by James McManus' fellow professional poker players such as "The Biggest Game in Town," by Al Alvarez and "Big Deal," by Tony Holden.

We would also like to emphasize the fact that "Positively Fifth Street" is not a "how-to" book but a book that relates the adventures experienced by the author. It is not a poker book that will teach readers how to play poker but it is a poker book that will inspire readers to play more poker.