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Using the Set to Increase the Pot in Texas Holdem

Small pocket pairs can be deceiving; a lot of Texas Holdem players dump them but the fact is that if you flop a set with these hands, it can win you the hand right there. However, there are a lot of factors that you will have to consider, so an analysis of the situation is required.

Before you even begin to consider playing a pair, your Texas Holdem strategy must consider your position. If you are on the button, you have the most options. If you hold a high pair and you flop the set, you can check raise and try to get more players to place money in the pot. Or, if there are scare cards on the flop, you can make a big bet so that you will force those wanting to draw to fold.

If you are out of position and you get the set, trying to build the pot can be quite difficult. One Texas Holdem strategy that you can use is that of check raising, but if the table is tight, this act could raise alarms and get players to fold, leaving you with a small pot. It might be a better idea to just check or check call.

Another Texas Holdem strategy that can be utilized to build the pot is by raising pre flop. If you are holding a low pocket pair (55) and you hit the flop (5,7,2), make a continuation bet.

With such a low and uncoordinated board, your opponents will think that you missed the flop and are just bluffing. They will then call or raise you. This will give you two options, either you make a re raise, or you can play it out to the turn, and make your raise at that point. Of course, you should always consider the other cards on the board; if they seem threatening, jam the pot.

The best scenario for you would be if one of your Texas Holdem opponents makes a pre flop raise and you hit the set. He will usually make a continuation bet, and if he is aggressive, a raise from you will be met with a re raise, putting more money in the pot.

A lot of players are simply content with flopping the set in Texas Holdem and going for the big raise. However, as you can see, there are a lot of scenarios that can emerge, and it is vital that you assess each one so you can get the most profits.