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Types of Poker Games Offered Online

Online poker is rapidly gaining popularity because online poker rooms offer a wide range of online poker variants, large sign-up bonuses, rewards for loyalty, exciting promotions, lucrative tournaments, and opportunities to qualify for live poker events. Beginners will understandably be overwhelmed with all the poker variants available at online poker rooms, although very few online poker rooms offer all varieties of poker.

Here is a brief overview of some of the most common varieties of online poker.

Texas Hold’em

Texas Hold’em is one of the most popular variants of online poker. The rules of Texas Hold’em are easy to learn and understand, and the game is quite easy to play; however, becoming a master of Texas Hold’em is a difficult and time-consuming task, requiring plenty of patience and hard work on the part of the player. Texas Hold’em events are the most televised as they are action-packed and require high knowledge of strategy on the part of the player. Online poker rooms often offer Texas Hold’em in the Limit as well as No Limit formats.

Omaha Poker

The second most popular variant of online poker is Omaha, and the variant is slowly becoming more and more popular. The game bears a striking similarity to Hold’em, but there are some major differences. Omaha Poker players are dealt four hole cards and can use only two of these hole cards to create a strong poker hand.

Omaha Poker has two major variants—Omaha Hi and Omaha Hi-Lo,

Seven Card Stud

Traditional poker players prefer Seven Card Stud, which was very popular before Texas Hold’em captured the attention of the poker gaming world. Seven Card Stud has two variants—7 Card Stud Hi-Lo and 7 Card Stud Hi.


Razz is a poker variant that actually rewards players who create the weakest poker hand. Online casino usually offer Razz games in the Fixed Limit format.

Draw Poker

There are several varieties of Draw Poker, an online poker variant that allows players to replace hole cards with cards taken from the deck to create a better hand. The most popular Draw Poker variant is 5 Card Draw.