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Types of Players in Short Hand Texas Holdem

To be a successful and profitable short handed Texas Holdem player, you will need to do more than just play the cards right; you must also learn how to read and distinguish the type of players you are up against.

One of the types that you will encounter often will be the player who is making the transition from the ring game. The Texas Holdem strategy you should employ against this one is aggression. Very often these players do not know the different tactics that need to be employed in short handed games, so they will use the same strategies that they do in full ring games.

What you should do is to raise them with any decent hands, and steal the blinds as often as you can. Because they will be playing a waiting game, you should make substantial bets with your hands to get them to fold. Bluffing also works well against these players.

Another characteristic of the ring player is that they will often raise the blinds, and perhaps call the flop, but rarely will you see them bet on the turn. Unless they are holding something very strong, they will check or fold.

The loose passive player in short handed Texas Holdem games are similar to the calling station in ring games. They will often play with weak hands, but call almost anything. For this reason they can be easy to play. You can use a lot of hands against them. Do not hesitate to raise with a marginal hand, because chances are this player will be holding something weaker.

The loose aggressive is the opposite of the passive player. When you see this Texas Holdem player be prepared to see a lot of raising and re raising. The best strategy against these individuals is to play with more hands.

You will risk losing some pots, but by playing more Texas Holdem cards, you will encourage them to do the same. Once they start winning with marginal cards, this will encourage them to play more of these types, which will pay you off in the long run. One thing that you should not try is to bluff, for they will never fold.

Short handed Texas Holdem players come in many different shapes and sizes, but these are some of the most common that you will come across. Because of their prevalence, the knowledge that you have concerning their styles will definitely help you win a lot of hands.